About The Handie®

The Handie® was founded when the concept for The Handie® Glove started in 2011. The founder, Maxx P., was having a conversation with a friend about the more popular adult novelty products available for men. Discussing how guys really only have two types of novelties, tubes and sex dolls, they acknowledged that both of these products are embarrassing and awkward to use, and have design and practical-use flaws.

Dolls, to Maxx (and pretty much every single guy he knows) are just not an option. They are too big to store easily, and the awkwardness and embarrassment factor of owning one is far too high. Guys are then left with the “male novelty product”, a masturbation tube- which is still not the perfect product. His opinion on these products was reinforced when he stumbled upon a website solely dedicated to guys complaining about a specific, popular, masturbation tube. Reading the user complaints of what they disliked about that particular product, and having a list of his own complaints about the same product type, he started his journey to make a better product. He wanted to fix all the problems guys have with masturbation tubes – and developed it for over three years.

The Handie® Glove all started with listing the problems everyone, including Maxx, have had with “male novelty products”, and finding a way to solve them in a design no one has done before. Surprisingly, a solution came to him quickly – and he was able to solve every single problem guys had with these tubes! He thought, “What if you were to take the soft material these tubes are made of, and turn it into a glove…it would solve everything!”

The first problem a “glove” design solves is the two-handed awkwardness and embarrassment of using the current masturbation tube. With a glove design, the user is going back to using his hand, the way every guy actually started masturbating. The action would feel natural and mitigates the embarrassment of holding an oversized tube with two hands. Once he started to explore this “glove” concept, every other problem associated with the currently existing product began to solve itself.

The second problem with a tube-based masturbation device is how they all have a “one size fits all” entry hole, which offers no adaptability no matter the size of the guy’s penis. The user has no choice but to squeeze himself into it. With guys, tightness is preferred, but with a tube which doesn’t self-lubricate or stretch like the real thing, you get chaffing – which can obviously be painful. Masturbation products are supposed to be for pleasure, not a torture device! With a glove design, the user can grip as tight or loose as they want, and completely control the grip! The “one size fits all” hole option is removed.

To combat chaffing with a tube-based device, you have to constantly lube it up with a considerable amount of lube, which gets messy and expensive. In addition, you will repeatedly have to stop what you are doing to re-lube every few minutes, which can be a total boner killer. Maxx knew that a glove design would need some sort of built-in lubrication system, easily activated with minimal effort, as to not take away from the job at hand – pun intended! Figuring out how to accomplish this was no easy feat, but adding the lube-delivery system near the Easy Clean Catcher made it work perfectly. Now, with a simple push of a button, you get lube dispensed right into the area you need – without disrupting the experience.

At this point, Maxx figured, “While I’m at it, let’s add something a little extra.” So he decided vibration would be a nice addition, but where to put it? Well, if a guy wants vibration, he is going to want to vibrate the most sensitive part of his body, which would be under his shaft and marbles. When considering the glove design, Maxx found the perfect spot for it – on the side of the pinky finger. It’s the perfect place, as it hits those sweet spots directly, and it doesn’t require a lot of space to incorporate into the design. As other tube devices do not offer a vibration option, which users actually like, that was the fourth problem solved.

The final, and absolutely biggest, problem every guy has with these masturbation tubes is cleanup. Cleaning up these things is utterly disgusting and messy. This was the one feature that The Handie® Glove products absolutely had to solve more than anything. The glove design has the addition of a textured and stretchable catcher cup, easily solving this fifth problem. Now, after finishing, all users need to do is simply push the Easy Clean Catcher cup inside out after use over a toilet, flush, and dispose of his little swimmers without a mess. Then, with the glove still on, he can simply wash his hands with soap and water!

“Eureka!” Maxx thought, “I think I just invented the ultimate all-in-one wank glove for guys!”

The design was sound enough for Maxx. After multiple failed attempts of having prototypes made by people who actually make adult novelties, he went a different route and found a Hollywood FX artist who had made costumes, masks, and characters in some of his favorite movies. With his help, the glove was prototyped and fully functional.

The Handie® decided to produce the The Handie® Glove as a handmade product, manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA, instead of being made by machines in China like so many other products on the market today. This is the foundation of the company. Maxx doesn’t want The Handie®’s products to be like anything else, and he doesn’t want to do what has already been done before. We innovate and create products of the future, and create products where you can truly, absolutely, Enjoy Yourself!