The Handie® Glove Shocks, Awes, & Captivates Media Around the World

Revolutionary Male Pleasure Product’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Concludes October 30!

LOS ANGELES (October 27, 2014) — The verdict is in – international media is shocked, awed, amused, and most certainly intrigued by revolutionary male pleasure product The Handie® Glove! News of The Handie® Glove went viral through its campaign; in fact, The The Handie® Glove’s campaign video received over half a million views in three days before YouTube deemed it too stimulating and removed it. The crowdfunding crusade concludes on Thursday, October 30.

Worldwide news, lifestyle, humor, and technology media outlets have all reported on the same story, and like a fancy sports car or the newest smart phone, it just goes to show how The Handie® Glove is a real head-turner. Media from over 18 countries are all interested in sexual innovation at its finest – and the first, all-in-one male finishing tool designed to “Upgrade Your Orgasm™.”

“Girls have more weaponry than the U.S. Military [but] now we have our own sex toy finally,” wrote Trent with “The Handie® Glove! Perfect name. It’s awesome!”

“It offers a helping hand to, well… finish you off…” wrote Natasha Hinde of the Huffington Post. “The Handie® Glove has all of the mod cons: a self-lubrication system, a vibrator, and (handily) a good bit of grip…But that’s not our [favorite] part. Made from food-grade silicone it’s super efficient to clean afterwards.”

In addition to reveling in the novelty of The Handie® Glove’s many features, the media articles also point readers in the direction of The Handie® Glove’s page, where they can help fund the pleasure product. offered its own take on The Handie® Glove: “Forget everything you thought you knew about sexual pleasure. A new Indiegogo project called The Handie® Glove is here to wipe the slate clean when it comes to getting your rocks off in the privacy of your own home.”

“The world’s first glove to help men play with themselves,” exclaimed Alan White with “Visit The Handie® Glove’s Indiegogo page and take your self-manipulation to the next level!”

Additional media to spotlight The Handie® Glove include, GQ France,,,,, Ekstra Bladet, and more! While some of the coverage expresses prejudices, supporters of The Handie® Glove realize it’s a tool for sexually confident men – and men who put the love of better orgasms before all else.

The Handie® Glove is a state-of-the-art soft, supple glove that will make users never want to bare-hand it again. Its glove design allows the user to control the grip –

going from firmer, to softer, to everything in between – so they can decide what’s best and most comfortable. It’s the end to the one-size-fits-all tubes and the start of five-fingered perfect grip.

Recently, v debuted an online commercial featuring popular adult stars Heather Vahn and Khloe Kush. The sexy girls are hanging out in a bedroom when one gets a shocking telephone call from a boyfriend. To her horror, she has been placed in “The Friend Zone” because of The Handie® Glove. Yes, it could happen to anyone! To view the commercial, click here.

The Handie® Glove is wrapping up its crowdfunding campaign on, and supporters can receive first dibs on The Handie® Glove via $65, $85, or $150 rewarded contributions. Supporters of the campaign may also purchase extra votes to help crown an official “The Handie Girl.” One hundred votes may be purchased for $100, while 200 votes are only $200.

The Handie® Glove campaign runs from October 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014. To support The Handie® Glove, please click here.

Media interested in downloading photos of The Handie® Glove may click here to access The Handie® Glove’s press section.

About The Handie® Glove:

The world’s first-ever all-in-one finishing tool for men is here – The Handie® Glove! This one-of-a-kind male finishing device has everything guys could ever want built right in. Name it, andThe Handie® Glove’s got it – it’s like the Swiss army knife of getting off. The Handie is a state-of-the-art, soft, supple glove replacing a guy’s bare hand during alone time. Its glove design allows the user to control his grip, going from firmer, to softer, to everything in between – they decide what’s best and most comfortable. Equipped with textured silicone, lubricant dispenser, bullet vibrator, and an easy to clean catcher, The Handie® Glove is the end to the one-size-fits-all tubes, and the start of five-fingered, perfect grip revolution. For more information, visit,, and


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