The Handie® Glove Rightie
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The Glove – Rightie


The All-in-one finishing tool for men.

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Product Description

Introducing… The worlds first ever all-in-one finishing tool for men… The Handie® Glove

This one of a kind male finishing tool has everything you would ever want built right in. 
You name it and The Handie® Glove’s got it. It’s like the Swiss army knife of getting off.

The Handie® Glove is a soft and supple glove that will make you never want to bare-hand it again. 
The Handie® Glove’s design allows you to control the grip, firmer, softer and everything in between – it’s entirely up to you.
 No more one size fits all tubes;
 you have full control with your own reliable prefect grip.

Everyone likes a good buzz! 
Now you can get one with the press of a button.
 Yeah, The Handie® Glove has a vibrator!
 Watch out sweet spot! Chaffing? That’s a thing of the past!
 With The Handie® Glove’s built in self-lubrication system, you’ll always be slick!

There’s nothing better than getting it in, right?
 Control the size and feel of entry with The Handie® Glove’s penetration simulation. Now, this couldn’t be called the ultimate gadget for your better half if it didn’t have
an easy to clean catcher unit. 
With the push of just two fingers, a flush, and a wash, your days of a messy finish and cleanup are over.

You can stick with your embarrassing and bulky tubes and awkward dolls,
 or you can get back to your hand and finish in luxury.
No other product for men does all of this.

Slip it on and Go Solo!

The Handie® Glove… Enjoy Yourself!